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"IlluminatroŽns"are very large (A3) calligraphic (broad nib) drawings of classic CitroŽns which seem to be travelling past your window at dusk (or later). We all know that you don't normally drive with the interior light switched on - but then it happens in the movies all the time, doesn't it ? Perhaps they are a little more mysterious because you can't see the driver. In fact - IS there a driver ? Or are these wonderfully evocative machines actually conducting themselves ?

Remember that any of these drawings can be printed in (almost) any colour combination which you think will work. And they're also available WITHOUT the illuminated windows and headlamps for a more subtle garment design ("LightsOutroŽns"?)

2CV Club




DS Pallas / ID




H Van


Traction Avant

Type 23 Truck

What will
come next ??

- Maybe
the pretty Bijou
or the stunning SM

Let us know
what YOU
would like us
to draw


2CV Ripple

Ami 6 Berline

Ami 8 Break or Berline

*Note that computer screens cannot show exact colours of garment or print, but the visual we e-mail will give a good idea of what your chosen design and colour combination should look like.