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China Mugs featuring "CompletroŽns" - the whole car! And they're printed with a retro tex background inspired by the wierdly wonderful Jersey Rhovyline chequered cloth (see above) which CitroŽn used on the door cards in some ID19s and DSs of the '50s and '60s.

6 designs featuring 2 CitroŽn models on each mug, all with different coloured backgrounds. Not available anywhere else.

These mugs are High Quality Fine Bone China,with a delicate handle and thin wall. Size 105mm high and 76mm diameter.

Please enquire for current prices

No.1 Mehari and DS/ID
over light blue

No.2 Ami 8 Break and GS
over beige

No.3 CX and Dyane
over light green

No.4 H-Van and Acadiane
over light grey

No.5 Traction Avant and Ami 6
over light coral

No.6 DS Pallas and 2CV
over light yellow

Ceramic Tiles featuring any of the drawings on this website, in any colours or size you want - commission your own unique display

Today's tile printing methods mean that the colours will last as long as any other tiles - the image is kiln-fired into the glaze. The tiles are suitable for almost any area - splash backs, worktops, or simply as large decorative wall panels.


For larger multi-tile displays there are several tile size options.

Minimum order 1 square metre.

Give us an idea of the design you would like (with overall dimensions). Let us know your favoured colours, whether you prefer a simple outline, or how you would like the drawing to be 'filled'.

If you want single 'cameo' picture tiles to use with other (plain) tiles please specify the approximate tile size.

We'll e-mail you a visual and give you the price for producing the tile set (including shipping to your door).

Please include a landline phone number on all e-mails